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07-20-18 Arab Radio Michigan Politics with Dennis Denno Ray Hanania

July 20, 2018

07-20-18 Arab Radio Michigan Politics with Dennis Denno & Ray Hanania

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This edition of Yalla! Fight Back Arab radio July 20, 2018 features an interview with Dennis Denno a political analyst and pollster who is very familiar with Michigan's election system and many of the candidates. We discuss the race for governor and the leading candidates. We also talk about the candidacy of Arabs, Muslims and Middle East Christians including Chaldeans and the expectancy of voters to support them. Should we just support someone just because they are "Arab" or "Muslim" or "Chaldean" or do we take the bigger picture in mind. A good case is the race for Michigan Governor where there is a candidate who is Arab and Muslim, Abdul El-Sayed, but the question is can he win as the Democrat in a race where a Democrat needs to win to push back against the policies of President Donald Trump?

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