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08-04-16 Change not always good, Politics & the Marcus Theaters

August 4, 2016

Ray Hanania's weekly column commentary podcast explores the issue of change in politics and in everyday life.

August 4, 2016. Change is not always good.

Sometimes too much “change” is not good

By Ray Hanania

Southwest News Group newspaper (Des Plaines Valley News, Southwest News-Herald, The Regional Newspaper, The Reporter Newspaper)

Everyone is talking about “change” these days.

It’s one reason why so many people are willing to take a risk withnon-politician Donald Trump over insider establishment politician Hillary Clinton.

It’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It is about “change.”Despite his sometimes off-the-wall rhetoric, Donald Trump represents change.Hillary Clinton does not.

Sometimes, though, “change” can be too much.

Last week, I went to the Marcus Theaters in Orland Park to watch thepremiere of the movie “Jason Bourne.” There have been five in the Bourneseries, far less than records set by Star Trek (around 13 including the latest,“Star Trek Beyond”) or James Bond (around 24 with the latest being “Spectre”).

But it wasn’t the movie choice that made me think of “change” becausemost movie series and remakes like Jason Bourne, Star Trek and James Bond relyheavily on fundamental expectations that can’t change, although they oftenchange the stars for younger actors. ...

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