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08-17-12 Radio Baladi on Census and author Keliher

August 17, 2012

Radio Baladi every Friday morning 8 am Eastern EST on WNZK AM 690 radio live with host and author Ray Hanania.

We interview Evan Keliher the Dearborn teacher who wrote the political satire book "Wanted! An Honest Politician: D.C. Shootout on K Street" (2012).

We also talk with listeners about changes that may be made in the US Census to include Arabs, Middle Easterners, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Christian Arabs, Muslims and more. The changes are a long time coming and the census count is important to assessing a community's strength, but more importantly, how much Federal and State funding they should receive. if you are not counted in the Census by race and ethnicity you don't get money. Visit or or to read Ray Hanania's columns on fighting the Census to make them honest and fair.