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08-17-18 Arab Radio on Politics: Did Rashida Tlaib abandon the Two-State Solution

August 23, 2018

08-17-18 Arab Radio on Politics: Did Tlaib abandon the Two-State Solution?

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This edition of Yalla! Fight Back Arab radio Aug. 17, 2018 discusses Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic candidate in the 13th Congressional District seat vacated by longtime Congressman John Conyers in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, and Tlaib's wavering views on Israel and Palestine. Has she really changed her views and opposes the Two-State Solution? Did she surrender to extremist bullies? We discuss that issue and also the oppression of the Israeli government and their interrogation of prominent Jewish columnist Peter Beinart. When Beinart was harassed by Israel's secret police, the Shin Bet, it became major news. But when Arabs, Christians and Muslims are harassed daily, it is rarely reported by the biased and racist mainstream American News Media.

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