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09-14-12 Radio Baladi Rashida Tlaib and protests

September 14, 2012

Radio Baladi www.RadioBaladi.com with Ray Hanania Friday Sept. 14, 2012 WNZK AM 690 radio

8 AM (Detroit): We interview State Rep. Rashida Tlaib who discusses the aftermath of the Democratic Convention.

8:30 am We discuss the racist inflamatory hate speech of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula a racist Coptic Christian anti-Semite who claimed to be an "Israeli filmmaker" named "Sam Bacile" in Los Angeles and his hateful film against Islam "Innoncence of Islam" which has incited protests in the Muslim World and provoked violent reactions. Why hasn't anyone arrested Bacile and charged him with a hate crime? Why are there no consequences when Israelis commit criminal acts of racism, anti-Semitism and hatred in violation of American hate laws? Why is there a double standard that allows Israelis and pro-Israeli activists to commit crimes while innocent Arabs and Muslims are rounded up, prosecuted on trumped up phony charges and jailed without trial or First Amendment Protections? Now that he has been identified as a racist Coptic Christian, likely he will be charged.