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09-19-14 Rateb Rabie HCEF Pres on Middle East Christians

September 22, 2014

Holy Land Ecumenical Foundation President Sir Rateb Rabie discusses the challenges facing Christians in the Middle East. He talks about the anti-Christian views of Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz at a recent conference at the so-called "In Defense of Christians" conference held in Washington D.C. earlier in the month. Rabie also noted that his protest and the protest of other Arab Christians was not just against the extremism of the right or the extremist pro-Israel movement, but also a firm statement in defense of Muslims against rightwing Christian fanaticism.

Rabie appeared on Talk of the Town Radio on WCEV 1450 AM Radio and simulcast on www.YahalaVoice.com on Friday Sept. 19, 2014. The one hour weekly radio program is hosted by award winning Chicago journalist Ray Hanania, managing editor of The Arab Daily News at www.TheArabDailyNews.com.