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09-20-18 Podcast Interview with David Abitbol of Jewlicious.com

September 20, 2018

09-20-18 Podcast Interview with David Abitbol of Jewlicious.com

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This edition of Yalla! Fight Back is an audio Podcast interview conducted on Sep. 20, 2018 with guest David Abitbol, an Arab Israeli Jew from Morocco who is the publisher of the popular Jewish blog called Jewlicious.com. Jewlicious is a grassroots organization changing the way young adults affiliate and participate in Jewish life. We support Jewish communities with training, resources, media, informal Jewish education, and events to foster young adult engagement. We develop and utilize networks, programming and social media, to promote creativity, social entrepreneurship, collaboration, inclusiveness and Jewish peoplehood.


David and I talk about the things that Palestinians and Israelis have in common and touch on some of the controversial things that keep us apart. We discuss the challenges of overcoming opposition to "normalization" and discuss the real differences between moderates and extremists.

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