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09-21-12 RadioBaladi Syrian Humanitarian Aid

September 23, 2012

Radio Baladi Friday Sept. 21, 2012 www.RadioBaladi.com with Ray Hanania.

8 AM (Detroit): We interview Dr. Malaz Alatassi and Dr. Opada AlZohaili about the efforts of American Syrians to raise funds for humanitarian and medical support of the people of Syria. How bad is the crisis in Syria? Alatassi and AlZohaili work with the Syrian Sunrise Foundation and the Syrian American Medical Society. Click to read more

8:45 am We interview P. David Lopez, as General Counsel of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). He was nominated by President Obama on Oct. 22, 2009, and given a recess appointment on March 27, 2010, and confirmed by the Senate on December 22, 2010. Mr. Lopez is the first field staff attorney to be appointed as General Counsel.