Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

09-28-12 Radio Baladi Palestine, Israel, Muslims, bias

September 28, 2012

Radio Baladi Friday Sept. 28, 2012 with Ray Hanania. WNZK AM 690 Radio live. www.RadioBaladi.com.

We talk with listeners about the bias in the American news media and discuss the imbalance in reporting and the failed coverage of the Arab community by the media when it comes to the war crimes of the Government of the State of Israel and the anti-peace efforts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and how he is no different than the Iranian demagogue President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We also discuss the lack of effectiveness of the Arab organizations in Washington DC, and the failure to communicate by the Palestine National Authority and the PLO and President Mahmoud Abbas and his speech to the United Nations. We also discuss the need to increase Arab American involvement in the biased and racist American mainstream news media and discuss talking over the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News to make then hire Arab columnists who can write on a daily basis and tell the American people the truth about the hatred by Israel and Israel's efforts to prevent peace.