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10-16-20 Arab Radio Vicki Robb of Life for Relief

October 24, 2020

1o-16-20 Arab Radio Vicki Robb of Life for Relief

Journalist Ray Hanania Interviews Vicki Robb the National/International Programs Manager at Life for Relief and Development about all the great projects LIFE did around the world to assist those suffering during the pandemic.

Also, Hanania discusses the impact of the pandemic, and th eupcoming Trump-Biden election

Join journalist Ray Hanania this Friday October 23, from 8- 8:30 Am East via Zoom. The interview is available on Hanania's Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/rghanania  

Vicki Robb is the Programs Manager at Life for Relief and Development. Vicki has been working with Life since January 1996. She has more than 24-year’s leadership experience as a humanitarian. Her achievements have fostered both in-kind and monetary donations for the organization and her responsibilities include management of Life’s programs and its overseas operations.

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