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10-21-20 Experts discuss 50th California & 3rd Illinois Congressional races

October 24, 2020

10-21-20 Experts discuss 50th California & 3rd Illinois Congressional races

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Guests include Shadin Maali on the 3rd Congressional District contest in Illinois with candidate Marie Newman, a progressive Democratic who unseated conservative Democrat Dan Lipinski. Maali also discusses the power of the Arab American Vote in the election. The 3rd DIstrict has the 8th largest Arab American population and the largest Palestinian American population. Hanania and Maali discuss the failed candidacy of Rush Darwish and how he wasted $800,000 to get less than 6,000 votes out of 110,000 votes cast.

Should voters cast their votes based on ethnicity or based not he issues?

In the second second, Hanania speaks with veteran campaign consultant Jeff Davis on the 50th California Congressional battle between Darrell Issa and Ammar Campa-Najjar, two Arab Americans facing-off head-to-head on Nov, 3, 2020 and the issues that might impact the election results.

Davis also discusses the battleground states in the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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