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11-22-16 Arabs forgotten in America because of racism

December 21, 2016

Reminder Arabs forgotten even in Obama era

By Ray Hanania


President Barack Obama and the U.S. Census released data recognizing the commemoration of Native American Heritage during the month of November, but have never acknowledged the achievements of American Arabs in this country.

It’s a true reflection of Obama’s hypocrisy in limiting the definition of “diversity” to include only certain minorities. Although Obama was nurtured in an Arab community environment in Chicago, with close associations with prominent American Arabs who helped him grow his political career, the president has been little more than a stranger to American Arabs.

That tragic truth was reinforced this week when the U.S. Census released its celebration of Native American Heritage Month this month in data through the U.S. Census.

November is also Arab American Heritage month in Illinois, and also celebrated in April in several east coast states including Washington D.C., New York and New Jersey. But, there is no consistency in the celebration ad no acknowledgement.

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