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11-24-16 Data on anti-Arab, anti-Muslim racism distorted

December 21, 2016

Data on anti-Muslim racism being distorted for politics

American Muslims are being exploited like pawns in a giant political football game between the left and the right. The data is being twisted to reflect the needs of the political groups at the expense of Muslims and Arabs in America. Just look at the statistics 

By Ray Hanania


American Muslims are being exploited like pawns in a giant political football game between the left and the right.

Each side wants to twist and distort data regarding anti-Muslim discrimination to suit their own agenda, and narrowing it to address the generic concerns of “Muslims” while avoiding the more controversial issues of Arabs that leads to an unwanted discussion of anti-Palestinian biases.

The concern isn’t about what’s best for Muslims, or even for Arabs in America. Keep in mind that most Americans don’t distinguish between Arab Muslims and Arab Christians so when someone says they hate Muslims, they also mean they hate Christian Arabs, too.

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