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12-11-20 Alice Speri on Social Media Censorship

December 13, 2020

12-11-20 Alice Speri on Social Media Censorship

Alice Speri, a writer with The Intercept (TheIntercept.com) discusses a recent article she wrote with co-author Sam Biddle in which she explores censorship by Zoom against programs and conferences that feature topics Zoom considers violations of US Law.

Click here to read her article.

Speri joined host Ray Hanania on The Arab street Radio/US Arab Radio Network on Tuesday Dec. 11, 2020 on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit.


Speri and Hanania talk about the parameters of censorship as they apply to social media and how Zoom censorship a University program that only included a discussion about a controversial figure in Palestinian and Israeli history, Leila (Laila) Khaled, the first woman to hijack an airplane during the military conflict against Israel in the 1970s. Just the discussion of the topic prompted Zoom to block the program and censor the panel.

The article she wrote is titled "Zoom Censorship of Palestine Seminars Sparks Fight over Academic Freedom. Zoom cited anti-terrorism laws to shut down an event with Palestinian activist Leila Khaled -- and other events criticizing its censorship.

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