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12-14-12 Radio Baladi Egypt Ali Younes

December 14, 2012

Radio Baladi Friday Dec. 14, 2012, discussing the future of Egypt and Democracy and other related issues including the defeat of Susan Rice as President Obama's Secretary of State and the possible appointment of Sen. John Kerry, a much better choice, to replace her as the nominee. We also discuss the bias at news wen site which censors Arab and American views critical of Israel, a foreign country.

Our guest is Ali Younes, the awardwinning columnist with Hosted by Ray Hanania.

We discuss the challenges facing Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first Democratically elected president and the anger of his opponents. Maybe Egyptians want a Messiah rather than a President. They don't want a dictator, though, but they are treating Morsi as if he were a dictator rather than a democratically elected president. Share your views on our facebook page also at