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Arab Radio: Ian Conyers discusses the Aug. 4, 2020 13th Congressional election

July 17, 2020

Arab Radio: Ian Conyers discusses the Aug. 4, 2020 13th Congressional election

Arab Radio July 17, 2020 Guest Ian Conyers joins host Ray Hanania to discuss the August 4, 2020 Michigan Democratic Primary election and the battle for the congressional seat between controversial incumbent Rashida Tlaib and former Congresswoman and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones

Ian Kyle Conyers the youngest state Senator in Michigan history. represented the Detroit Lincoln Park South Gate and Alen Park in the Michigan Senate for one term. Conyers was among the candidates who ran to succeed Congressman John Congress in the Democratic Primary in 2018. Ian is John Conyer’s nephew … today the 13th district is being fought over by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and former Congresswoman Brenda Jones who is also the Detroit City Council President. Ian Conyers and three other candidates who ran in 2018 have all endorsed Jones …

Hanania has repeatedly invited Rashida Tlaib to come on the radio show. "She has declined to allow me to interview her, even though I am Palestinian American, because of her personal dislike of moderate Arab American voices like my own," Hanania said. "Tlaib has also blocked me from her social media … not that I am missing much … and I wants, as Tlaib says herself often, "to speak truth."

Ian Conyers

Conyers accuses Tlaib of focusing on international issues after campaigning in 2018 on a platform that failed to mention any of the international issues that Tlaib has become associated with since her election in November 2018.

Conyers also contends that the 2018 battle had been confusing for voters because the Governor of Michigan at the time rescheduled the election to complete the term of retiring Congressman John Conyers  and had it scheduled at the same time with the election for the full term in August 2018.

Brenda Jones won the election to complete the Conyers term, five weeks, while Tlaib won the full term election in which four African Americans ran and divided the strong African American vote in the district. In the August 4, 2020 election, Tlaib and Jones will face-off head-to-head, one-on-one and many believe that Talib will not be able to hold the seat int he face of a consolidated district vote.

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Click here to listen to an interview with former Congresswoman and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones on July 10, 2020. (Again, Rashida Tlaib was invited to be interviewed but she has repeatedly declined Ray Hanania's requests, blocking him from her social media.)

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