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Arab Radio on Gaza, Israeli & Palestinian Elections, Trump’s assault on free speech

December 13, 2019

Arab Radio on Gaza, Israeli & Palestinian Elections, Trump's assault on free speech

December 13, 2019 WNZK AM 690 Radio Live; The Arab street Radio and Podcast 

Radio Host and award winning Columnist with the Arab News Newspaper Ray Hanania discusses with listeners and guests the news about Israel, Palestine, the United States, President Trump and the Middle East.

Topics include a discussion about Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and her vote against the Two-State Solution in the U.S. Congress. She opposed a resolution that was introduced by a majority of the Democratic Congress. It had some flaws, failing to use the word "occupation" but endorsing the Two-State Solution for peace between Israel and Palestine.

We talk about indicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his corrupt administration, and his failure to form a new government for the second time. Israel will now hold it's 3rd elections, giving Palestinian Israeli citizens the ability to vote and force change bringing true Democracy and Civil Rights to Apartheid Israel.

We also talk with listeners including Jerry Habba, a listener in Great Detroit. And we are joined during the second half of the radio show by Ali Younes, the journalist with Al Jazeera English talking about Israeli elections, Rashida Tlaib, his recent visit to Gaza and the strength and resiliency of the Palestinians who live under Israel's brutal and vicious oppressive embargo. Gaza is an open-air prison and Israel shoots and kills Palestinians at will. Netanyahu uses Gaza as a means of strengthening his failing politics by attacking Gaza when he needs votes and killing men, women and even children ...

And we wish Arab Christians around the world a Merry Christmas and freedom one day for Bethlehem, which has been ignored by American Christians.

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