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Mohamed Hadid files bankruptcy 11-30-19

November 30, 2019

11-30-19 Mohamed Hadid files bankruptcy

Mohamed Hadid, the father of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, has been forced to file bankruptcy over a dispute involving a mega-mansion he is trying to expand and renovate in Bel Air overlooking Los Angeles. But the property, which started at 15,000 square feet, has been expanded to 30,000 square feet and to seven stories in height. It overlooks a bluff on the side of a mountain in Bel Air and some of his neighbors are upset by the size and claim they fear the property might not hold and could fall.

They have filed suit against Hadid, who is Palestinian American, to stop the project and have enlisted a lot of local politicians. Hadid filed bankruptcy for the company he owns building and renovating the property. The tear-down of the property reportedly will cost Hadid $5 million. Bankruptcy will save that cost for him. But the bankruptcy does not include him personally, according to his lawyer.

I wonder if some of his trouble stem from the fact that he is Palestinian? His ex-wife is Yolanda who starred in the TV reality series "Housewives of Los Angeles."

Here's an overview of Hadid's troubles and the neighbors who are upset.