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Ray Hanania on Rashida, Netanyahu, & Israeli elections

September 14, 2019

Ray Hanania on Rashida, Netanyahu, & Israeli elections

Radio Host and award winning columnist Ray Hanania hosts The Arab street Radio in Detroit on the 2nd Friday of every month and in this episode broadcast on Sept. 13, 2019, Hanania discusses the failures of the Palestinian leadership and the activists who are in the United States in confronting Israel's atrocities and their failure to engage President Trump.

He cites columns by Arab News Editor Faisal Abbas which makes a compelling argument that Palestinians need to engage Trump, not turn away as they have done in anger over some of his policies and especially now int he face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's continued violations of international law and his vow to annex the Jordan Valley. Click here to read Faisal Abbas' column in the Arab News.

The radio show is broadcast in the Greater Detroit region live on WNZL AM 690 radio with some callers engaging in discussions about the failed leadership of Rashida Tlaib and Justin Amash, the Palestinian congress members from the State of Michigan. Hanania argues that if the Palestinian cause is like a loaf of bread then Amash and Tlaib are basically bread crumbs when it comes to effectively championing the Palestinian cause. Amash, a Palestinian Christian, ignores the Palestinian cause and Tlaib a Palestinian Muslim, stumbles the Palestinian cause because of her personal anger and issues with members of her own community.

Hanania also discusses the racism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the upcoming Israeli elections on Sept. 17, 2019 in which he urges "Israeli Palestinians" to come out in a storm of voting and vote in the elections.

And, Hanania discusses why religion needs to be excluded from the narrative of the Palestinians and the focus must be on rallying "Arabs" together to confront racism, bigotry, discrimination and Israel's Apartheid policies.

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