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Richard Silverstein on Israel, Palestine Omar, AIPAC & peace

March 25, 2019

Richard Silverstein on Israel, Palestine Omar, AIPAC & peace, March 25, 2019

This is the Ray Hanania The Arab Street Podcast, Middle East and Mainstream March 25, 2019.

Our guest online with us is Richard Silverstein, a longtime Jewish American progressive. Richard and I talk about the AIPAC Conference in Washington D.C. this week, the absurdity of calling Minnesota Congresswoman Ihlan Omar "anti-Semitic" for criticizing congressmen who put Israel's interests above American interests, and criticizing Israel PAC stranglehold on American politics. Richard's website is RichardSilverstein.com for more information and links to his Op-Ed writings and interviews.

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We discuss AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, PAC contributions to American Congress members and U.S. Senators and the influence the money buys, the weaponizing of anti-Semitism to silence critics of Israel's rightwing government policies, Congresswoman Ihlan Omar, the recent missile strike against Israel, Israel's use of violence to influence election results, and the power of Arab Israeli voters, and the power of the news media. Why doesn't an Arab country or Arab Americans buy an American newspaper like the Washington Post and force it to be objective when it comes to discussions about the Middle East, Israel and Palestine? 

Richard Silverstein also discussions his ongoing battles with Twitter over his use of words they feel should be censored.