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Syria, Nakba, Ramy, Zogby, Tlaib, Hamas, Media bias

May 10, 2019

Syria, Nakba, Ramy, Zogby, Tlaib, Hamas, Media bias

May 10, 2019 Live on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Greater Detroit

Its Friday May 10, 2019 … I’m Ray Hanania … and you’re listening to THE ARAB STREET Radio & Podcast broadcast from Detroit, Michigan through 690 AM WNZK Radio … Ramadan Kareem ... salam aleikum wa ramatil allah wa barakatum!

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Our topics on live radio in Detroit today includes a discussion of the Nakba commemoration, 71 years since Israel began the destruction of Palestine … and a look at the situation in Syria and the continuing violence there by Israel, the U.S., Iran and Russia … and we’ll take calls from listeners this morning …

We talk about the new Hulu TV series on American Muslims and Arabs, Ramy -- it's mostly about Muslims but it's really about Arabs -- America dislikes Arabs and embraces Muslims mainly because int heir eyes most Muslims in AMerica are non-Arab.

We also discuss how the news media is biased. They attack President Trump on everything EXCEPT on his policies on Palestine and Israel ... they criticism is mild when it comes to that narrow focus and that narrow focus is where thebias exists.

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