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Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro in a Nutshell 03-15-19

March 15, 2019

Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro in a Nutshell 03-15-19

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In this Podcast commentary, Ray Hanania explains the problem with Tucker Carlson, the FOX News host, and Judge Jeanine Pirro, the racist FOX TV host. Both have made derogatory comments about Arabs and Muslims, in defense of Israel, of course.

Carlson is in a war with Media Matters for America, a leftwing media monitoring opinion group that trashes all conservatives. They monitor rightwing shows and then showcase the worst of those shows to strengthen their edge over their conservative rivals.


The important issue for Arabs and Muslims to understand is that neither the Left nor the Right, the Democrats nor the Republicans really care about the issues that they throw at each other. They don’t care about racism against Muslims or Arabs. What they care about is the politics of using racism against Arabs and Muslims as a weapon to use against their rivals in this Right versus Left political war. The Republicans are using Arabs and Muslims and so are the Democrats.

In researching Carlson, a Media Matters for American monitor discovered some old audio tapes of Carlson on the shock jock radio show Buba the Love Sponge – a truly racist program – in which Carlson called all Iraqis “semi-illiterate monkeys.”

Now, you don’t call people “monkeys.” And the Left is jumping all over the comment using it to pressure Carlson off of TV by targeting his advertisers and some of his advertisers are abandoning his show. 

But don’t think they care about Iraqis. Democrats, the Left are as bad about Arabs and Muslims as are Republicans and the Rights. They hate us.

But, if Carlson should apologize, Arabs and Muslims should accept the apology. If Carlson can step out from the center of this demonization war in which racism and misogyny are weaponized to assault their political rivals, we should accept that apology. But in the heat of this war, Carlson is doubling down and refusing to apologize to the Left. 

Don’t apologize to the Left. Apologize to the Iraqis and to Arabs and Muslims. As a Christian Arab, we accept apologies that are sincere and genuine. 

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