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05-27-12 Radio Chicagoland

Radio Chicagoland Sunday May 27, 2012 with host Ray Hanania and co-hosts Kheir Fakhreldine and Nada Tadros. Includes an interview with Julie Annerino who hosts pinupsforRonPaul.com, also discussions of NATO, protests, the power of Arabs, writing, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and more


The NATO fallout. What happened (if anything)? Was it worth the inconvenience, etc.? There has been a lot written about this in various places.

The judge's decision in the NDAA case that the government's simple assertion of "providing material support to terrorism" is too broad, especially when it applies to journalists. Here's Democracy Now's report: Click Here. They had an accompanying interview with plaintiff Chris Hedges on the same show.

The feud between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Ricketts family over Joe Ricketts' support for the attack ad plan against Obama and the Ricketts' desire for the mayor's cooperation in improvements to Wrigley Field. Trib has had a lot on this. Here's one of the latest: Click here

Memorial Day: We all love the veterans.

The NYPD's profiling of Arabs in New Jersey gets the OK from NJ's attorney general. But CAIR's lawyer still expects the courts will side with Arabs' religious freedoms and right to equal justice under law. Here's a Democracy Now report: Click here

Sen Toi Hutchinson proposes a strip club tax with money to go to support rape crisis counseling centers. The implication is strip clubs promote rapes. Is that appropriate our just pandering to "good causes guilt?" Click to read Tribune story

05-25-12 Radio Baladi with Ramzy Sweis and Khaled Almaeena

Radio Baladi with host Ray Hanania Friday May 25, 2012 www.RadioBaladi.com in Detroitland from Dearborn, Michigan 8-9 am

8 am (Detroit): Comedian Ramzy Sweis discusses the challenges of a comedy career facing community divisions and mainstream biases. Sweis has performed 37 shows (without repeating a single joke.) He has a Youtube Channel with awards he has won (i.e. Tribeca) and films he directed. He has a DVD for sale; a documentary he acted, edited, directed about having tinnitus. And what tinnitus is. Click for more info.

8:30 am: Khaled alMaeena, Editor of the Saudi Gazette Newspaper (www.SaudiGazette.com.sa) discusses the elections in Egypt. Latest updates and discussion with listners. Will Egypt have real Democracy? Two candidates merge in leadership for run-off. Click to read story .... Click to read background story ... Israel's candidate in Egypt, former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq Click to read story

05-20-12 Dorothy Brown, Ed Zabrocki, Sacha Baron Cohen

Radio Chicagoland Sunday May 20, 2012, with Ray Hanania, Kheir Fekhreldin and Bib Jon Vic. www.radioChicagoland.com

Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown discusses the expungement workshop to allow individuals charged with crimes that were later dismissed, or convicted of misdemeanors and minor felonies to have their records expunged to remove them from the county public record

Interview with Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki on the brawl that took place Saturday May 19, 2012 at the Ashford House Restaurant at 159th and 80th Avenue in Tinley Park on the border of Orland Park. Zabrocki said police believe 18 people armed with hammers and metal weapons targeted the restaurant because it was the location of a gathering of White Supremicists. Police arrested six individuals alledgly involved in the melee.

Discussion with Washington DC Columnist Ali Younes on the racism of Sacha Baron Cohen, the silence of the mainstream media and public officials when racism and hatred are turned into humor directed at Arabs, but scream when racism targets other groups including Blacks, Hispanics and Jews.

05-18-12 Radio Baladi Mohammed Najib

Radio Baladi Friday May 18, 2012 with host Ray Hanania on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and Dearborn region www.RadioBaladi.com.

Palestinian journalist Mohammed Najib based in Ramallah, Palestine discusses the financial scandal involving Mohammed Rashid, the former financial adviser to the late Palestinian President Yasir Arafat, and Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas. Also Najib discusses how Palestinians are coping under Israeli persecution and occupation and also facing terrorism and violence from the Israeli settler movement that is ignored by the American mainstream news media. We also talk about Syria. And, Host Ray Hanania talks about the bias against Arabs in Chicago under the administration of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

05-13-12 Radio Chicagoland Gay Marriage, Joe Walsh, Barack Obama

Radio Chicagoland Sunday May 13, 2012 with Ray Hanania www.RadioChicagoland.com

Topics include discussion about Gay Marriage, President Barack Obama, Congressman Joe Walsh, and more

Plus a brief interview at the end of the show with Khaled Al-Ameena, the editor-in-chief of the English language Saudi Gazette in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, calls to talk about US Saudi Relations, the war against al-Qaeda and the effort by Gulf Arab States to stop the brutality against civilians in Syria by Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad. Visit the Saudi Gazette at www.SaudiGazette.com.sa

05-11-12 Radio Baladi Lina Matta, Hasan Nawash, Joumana Kayrouz

Radio Baladi with host Ray Hanania Friday May 11, 2012, 8 am EST www.RadioBaladi.com, with guests:

8 am (Detroit): Lina Matta of the ANA Contemporary Arab film series starts on Wednesday May 9th and runs thru the 15th in New York. For more information, visit online at www.anaarabcinema.com.

8:20 Hasan Nawash of the Palestine Center of Detroit discusses the upcoming Nakba commemoration dinner in Dearborn, Michigan May 20

8:40 am Detroit attorney Joumana Kayrouz discusses the upcoming 2012 Lebanon Emigrant Beauty pre-Pageant competition being held in Dearborn May 24. The American pre-pageant competition, open to Lebanese American women between the ages of 17 and 27, will be held Thursday, May 24 at the Greenfield Banquet Hall, 4770 Greenfield, in Dearborn, Michigan. The winner of the Dearborn beauty pageant will join pre-pageant winners from more than 35 other countries at Castle Assouf in Dhour Shweir, Lebanon on August 11. Get information at www.MissLebanonEmigrants.com. Clcik here to read the release

05-06-12 Radio Chicagoland Township, Syria and more

Radio Chicagoland on WSBC 1240 AM in Chicagoland and Northern Illinois, and WCFJ 1470 Am radio in the Southlands and Northwest Indiana with host Ray Hanania, Sunday May 6, 2012. www.RadioChicagoland.com

- 8 AM - Bryan Smith is the Executive Director of the Township Officials of Illinois. The Township Officials of Illinois have released a report by noted researcher Wendell Cox that finds that townships in the Chicagoland area and Illinois provide valuable services to taxpayers and that these townships are now unfairly under attack. The report shows that small local governments, such as townships, spend and borrow less than other forms of government; give individuals a close connection and accountability with their elected officials; save taxpayers money; and provide top-notch, coordinated services. The full report can be found at (Click here)

- 8:30 AM - Syrian American Council member Sana Khatib discusses the fight to unseat Bashar al-Assad as president-for-life and dictator of Syria. She's also the coordinator of the Text for Syria Campaign at www.text4syria.com

05-04-12 Radio Baladi discusses Jessica Mokdad killing, and one year anniversay of death of Bin Lade

Radio Baladi www.RadioBaladi.com Friday May 4, 2012 8-9 am EASTERN WNZK AM 690 Radio with Ray Hanania

THIS WEEK: 8 am (Detroit): 10 months after the killing of Jessica Mokdad, we discuss the investigation and the aspects of the murder. Was it an "Honor Killing?" Is it being used by extremists for political reasons. Right wing hate groups Like Spencer and Geller have tried to turn the issue into an anti-Islamic one rather than compassion for a murdered young woman ... Click to read story. ... Click here to Visit Jessica' Mokdad's Facebook Memorial Page ... Click here to view the CBS News report on Jessica's StepDad who was accused of murdering her

Also, is America safer one year since the killing of Osama Bin Laden?

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