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03-27-15 Seth Frantzman of the Jerusalem Post on Israeli elections

Seth Frantzman, Op-Ed Editor of the Jerusalem Post, engages in a candid conversation analyzing the March 17 Israeli election results, challenges facing Israeli-Palestinian peace, and the reality of the hard right Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Centrist Zionist Union led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni. Frantzman points out that most hardcore religious Jews in Israel live in Israel and only a few are involved in the settler movement, which Palestinians and the world declare as illegal. He notes that a difference between the hardright and the centrist Zionists is that the Centrists do want two-states in a large part to separate themselves from the Palestinians and preserve the Jewish State, while the Likud rejects the Two-State Solution and seeks to annex the occupied lands without annexing more Palestinian non-Jews. Frantzman also agrees that the real significant story that was played down in the media was the performance of the Joint Arab List headed by Ayman Odeh which won the 3rd largest number of seats in the Knesset (13) behind the Likud (30) and the Zionist Union (24). Click here for election result details.

Frantzman was the guest on the Talk of the Town Radio show hosted by Ray Hanania, editor of TheArabDailyNews.com. The show is broadcast live every Friday beginning at 3:30 pm (new time as of April 2015) until 4:30 pm CST Chicago time live online at www.YahalaVoice.com and on 1450 AM Radio.

03-20-15 Mohammed Najib discusses the Israeli elections

Journalist Mohammed Najib based in Ramallah, Palestine, discusses the Israeli election results and the strong performance of the Arab Israeli candidates who took 13 seats in the Knesset and is the 3rd largest party in the Israeli government. Netanyahu's rightwing Likud Party took 30 seats and the centrist Zionist Union took the 2nd highest performance with 24 seats.

Najib was interviewed by Ray Hanania on "Talk of the Town" Radio on 1450 AM in Chicago and online at YahalaVoice.com Friday March 20, 2015 (broadcast at 4 pm CST Chicago time).
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03-13-15 Michael Deutsch discusses Rasmea Odeh conviction

Civil rights attorney Michael Deutsch discusses the case of Rasmea Odeh who was convicted of lying on her citizenship paperwork in her immigration application. Odeh, who had served 10 years in prison in Israel after she was tortured and accused of participating in an act of "terrorism" in 1969, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The sentence last week is far less than the original demand by the U.S. Government and the FBI of 10 years.

Deutsch discusses the conflicts that were present in the original court case, noting the prior judge in the case in Detroit, where it was assigned, had a conflict of interest because of his involvement with helping organize propaganda trips for Americans to support Israel. It also turned out that the judge's family was also an investor in the grocery store that was involved in the 1969 bombing.
Deutsch previously also represented Mohammed Salah, who was also charged with being a member of a terrorist organization. But, in both the Odeh and Salah case, the government failed to present any real evidence that Salah or Odeh had engaged in terrorism, and the juries ruled against the government exonerating both of those charges. 
The Odeh ruling is a victory for the Palestinian cause, but Deutsch said that he will appeal the 18 month sentence claiming that it's unfair. He acknowledged it will be a tough fight but he said he will fight it predicting it might take between 4 and 10 months before an appeals decision is known.
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03-13-15 Mohammed Najib on Israeli elections

Journalist Mohammed Najib based in Ramallah, Palestine, joins Ray Hanania on The Arab Daily News Radio show in Detroit and Washington DC, broadcast every 2nd Friday of every month  at 8 am EST Eastern Time on WNZK 690 AM Radio in Detroit, Michigan, Ohio and Windsor Canada, and on WDMV 700 AM In Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. 

Najib discusses the growing extremism and hatred in Israel, the violence by Israelis against Palestinians like Haneen Zoabi, an Arab Israeli citizen who is a member of the Israeli Knesset and he explains her complex message of resistance to the extremism and violence of Israel and her dedication along with other Arab Israelis to force Israel to end their discrimination and embrace equality for Christians and Muslim citizens of Israel. Zoabi has been attacked violently. The Israelis have tried unsuccessfully to block her participation in the Knesset, where she hopes to change Israel's rightwing hate and racist tendencies. Zoabi is a leading member of the new Joint Arab List in Israel which has brought several leading Arab Political Lists together as one int he March 17, 2015 Israeli elections.

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03-06-15 Discussion on Haneen Zoabi, Israeli elections & Iran

Radio host Ray Hanania discusses with listeners/callers the attack against Palestinian Israeli Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi and discriminatory laws against Arab candidates, and the Israeli elections and the issue of whether or not Arab Israeli citizens will or should participate int he election. Some extremists believe Israeli Arabs should continue to boycott the Israeli elections but others believe they should vote and try to change the system from within. He also discusses the Chicago Mayoral election between challenger Jesus Garcia and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose policies have been the most anti-Arab in Chicago. Can Arabs support Emanuel if he were to change and will Garcia support the rights of American Arabs if he wins?

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02-27-15 Monroe Anderson, Ray Hanania on Mayoral Runoff election

Former Chicago City Hall and political reporters Monroe Anderson and Ray Hanania discuss the factors that will help decide the April 7 Chicago Mayoral Runoff election on Talk of the Town Radio Friday (4 PM) February 27, 2015 on 1450 AM Radio and live online at www.YahalaVoice.com. Anderson, who now writes a political column for the Chicago Defender, and Hanania, who is a media consultant and columnist with the Southwest Newspaper Group and Illinois News Network (www.IllinoisNewsNetwork.com) discuss the influence of the African American voters in the election.Is Jesus Chuy Garcia strong enough to unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel and how can he win. What are Emanuel's weaknesses and Garcia's weaknesses? How do you explain the role of Garcia's strongest and closest political ally Congressman Luis Gutierrez endorsing Emanuel and abandoning Garcia and the Mexican American majority voters in his congressional district? Anderson and Hanania discusses these and other issues. Hanania is managing editor also of The Arab Daily News website at www.TheArabDailyNews.com and discusses the bias of Mayor Emanuel against American Arab voters. Anderson and Hanania discuss why Emanuel has ostracized and ignored voter constituencies like American Arabs and if he can do that to American Arabs what prevents him from doing that to other ethnic and racial voting constituencies like Blacks and Hispanics and Asians?