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05-04-17 Arab American Journalists under siege

May 4, 2017 Podcast column commentary by Ray Hanania.  

Column commentary podcast discusses the growing racist trend of bias and discrimination by the mainstream American news media and journalism industry groups like the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) against Arab American journalists.

Published in the Arab News on May 4, 2017. For more information on Ray Hanania's columns and writings visit his website at

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05-02-17 Agrabah is NOT an Arab country

May 2, 2017 Podcast column commentary by Ray Hanania

Agrabah is NOT an Arab country.

A poll by the Arab News and YouGov exposed some shocking information about the lack of education by Americans of the Middle East and Arab World.

This is my column and analysis published at the on the poll of nearly 2,100 Americans, 21 percent of whom believ ethat Agrabah, the fictional land in the Disney animated film Aladdin, is a real Arab country, followed by some commentary on the survey at


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Erdogan strengthens secular and moderate Muslim presence

Erdogan strengthens secular and moderate Muslim presence

Published in the Arab News April 20, 2017

By Ray Hanania

In any other election, if someone received more than 51 percent of the vote (a 2 ½ percent margin) over a highly controversial issue, the mainstream news media would declare it a decisive victory and a “mandate.”

But the mainstream news media doesn’t apply the same standards of civil rights for the Muslim and Arab World that they apply to the West.

Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, one of the few truly Democratically elected leaders of the world’s 50 predominantly Muslim nations, won a referendum which expands his powers by eliminating the nation’s antiquated parliamentary system and implementing a new government similar to the one established by the United States.

Turkey has been a parliamentary system governed by a ceremonial President who appoints the country’s Prime Minister.

Many of his foes are concerned but Erdogan’s strategy is clearly intended to prevent Turkey from transforming into another religious state that could morph into a bastion of extremism.

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04-13-17 Trump unpredictability is what Middle East needs

Trump’s unpredictability is exactly what the Middle East needs 

Published in the Arab News April 13, 2017 

By Ray Hanania

President Donald Trump’s decision to destroy a Syrian airbase used to deploy chemical weapons against civilian targets shows that America’s new president can do what needs to be done in the Middle East.

The bombing of the Syrian air base, the first ever by an American military force in the six-year long effort by Syria’s terrorist leader Bashar al-Assad to suppress pro-Democracy protestors, is only one example of Trump’s evolving Middle East policy.

Although he campaigned on the platform of being Israel’s strongest ally, heaping praise on Israel’s rightwing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump drew a real line in the sand over Israel’s continued expansion of illegal Jewish-only settlements.

Trump has also reinforced his relations with the moderate leadership of the Arab World as strongly as he has with Israel, but without the political fanfare directing the attack on Syria only hours after conferring with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.



04-06-17 Israel builds ties to Christians, while Arabs remain AWOL

Israel builds ties to Christians, while Arabs remain AWOL

Published in the Arab News April 6, 2017

By Ray Hanania

Israel has expanded its powerful and effective public relations campaign to create a voice to appeal to American Christians, while the Arab World continues to ignore the growing needs of Christians in the Middle East.

Christians have continued to suffer in the Middle East and the Muslim World as Arab and Muslim leaders have urged their media to downplay stories that highlight tensions with the Christian minority.

But Christians argue that Muslims and Arabs need to do more to address their needs, including addressing their concerns in public forums where the topics have been taboo and marginalized and to support their Christian communities not just in the Arab World but in Israel, too.

Israel, on the other hand, is making the concerns of Christians one of their top priorities, giving a license to an American Christian evangelical group to broadcast their issues, and support of Israel, to Christians throughout the Middle East and Muslim World.



03-30-17 Jewish students complain about harassment at US campuses

Jewish students complain about harassment at US campuses

Published in the Arab News March 30, 2017

By Ray Hanania

You have to hand it to AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group that herds American foreign policy on issues related to Israel and the Middle East.

They’ve come out with a new documentary called “Hate Spaces,” which claims to expose rising anti-Semitism on college campuses against pro-Israel students.

That’s fascinating to me because the real harassment has always been against Palestinian and Arab students at many college campuses. Only in recent years have Arab students stood up to the hate politics of the pro-Israel activists in this country.

When I was in college at the University of Illinois after serving honorably during the Vietnam War, I immediately got involved with the Arab Student Organization.

What I learned was that the University of Illinois was biased and discriminatory against Arabs.

The university provided funding, grant money, office space and all kinds of support to the Jewish and pro-Israeli student organizations, but made it impossible for the Arab Student Organization, which I headed as president in 1975-76, to get any funds or program support.




03-31-17 Faisal Abbas discusses Middle East issues on Detroit Radio

Faisal Abbas discusses Middle East issues on Detroit Radio

Arab News Editor-in-Chief Faisal Abbas joins Ray Hanania on Radio Baladi on live radio in Detroit to discuss issues in the Middle East and the growth of the Arab News newspaper, the leading English Language newspaper in the Middle East ... Topics include the Arab League Summit, the destruction in Syria and use of chemical weapons by Syria's tyrant Bashar al-Assad, American politics, Israel's influence in US Politics, and the Arab World's perception of American Arabs.

Broadcast on Friday March 31, 2017 on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit live.

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03-17-17 Radio Baladi on Palestinian Diaspora Conference in Istanbul

Radio Baladi on Palestinian Diaspora Conference in Istanbul

Radio Host and columnist Ray Hanania hosts Radio Baladi on live radio in Detroit with guest Ali Younes, the reporter and editor at Al Jazeera English, discussing his recent coverage of the Palestinian Diaspora Conference at the end of February 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey and his observations about the different factions that were represented and those that did not attend or boycotted. More than 5,000 Palestinians attended, but what was achieved and what obstacles do Palestinians face as extremism and violence by Israel increases against peace. Broadcast on WNZK AM 690 Radio through the US Arab Radio Network live Friday March 17, 2017. ... ...ndownload our free Podcast App from iTunes today and join the conversation ...

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Ellison affair exposes anti-Trump hypocrisy

Ellison affair exposes anti-Trump hypocrisy

By Ray Hanania

Democrats and their haters of President Donald Trump want you to believe that they love Muslims and they love civil rights.

And yet, when the opportunity came to actually love a Muslim by electing Congressman Keith Ellison as chair the Democratic National Committee, they bailed on Ellison.

Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress. He was nominated by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who was backstabbed by the hypocrite Democrats and anti-Trump haters and should have been the party presidential nominees.

But when the Democrats and the anti-Trump haters got together, they took a dive on Ellison and instead voted to elect a nobody who happened to be “Latino” (from the Dominican Republic) and was appointed to the post of U.S. Secretary of Labor by President Barack Obama. Perez never lobbied or campaigned for the spot but was pushed in to it by Obama and by the Democratic leadership and cheered by the anti-Trump haters who continue to disguise their hatred by asserting that they love Muslims, they love minorities, they love civil rights.

The truth is, their “love” is selfish politics and the suffering of Muslims, Arabs and other minorities is little more than just an opportunity for them. The anti-Trump haters will step on the backs of these “victims” in order to empower themselves politically.

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We must support Trump’s War on the biased new media

We must support Trump's War on the biased new media

By Ray Hanania

I’m not a big fan of the mainstream news media, which I define as the national press, (excluding the local community media).

President Trump’s attacks on the mainstream news media are justified and we should be supporting it.

The national news media lies. They exaggerate. They fuel racism and bigotry with their reporting. Their mantra “if it bleeds it leads” is the driving-force in determining what gets covered and what doesn’t.

In truth, the national news media is no longer independent, but owned by a small handful of multi-national conglomerates and corporations whose purpose is not fair reporting, but greed.

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02-16-17 Commonsense approach to illegal immigration neededPodcast

Commonsense approach to illegal immigration neededPodcast

By Ray Hanania

Not being a politician, President Trump probably rushed too quickly to crack down on the nation’s immigration problem.

America has an immigration problem that’s not about losing jobs or even protecting civil right, but rather is about being able to control who enters this country to keep the criminals out.

An estimated 13 million illegal immigrants live in America. President Trump and others estimate about 3 million of them are engaged in crimes, other than being illegal.

A common problem involves illegal immigrants who drive without insurance and get in accidents with other citizens who are left holding the bag. The illegal immigrant can hide and “disappear” leaving the victim dealing with the terrible costs of bad accidents that sometimes involve serious injuries and hospitalization costs. That’s unfair.

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02-09-17 Tornadoes Hit Illinois 50 Years ago, Belvidere and Oak Lawn

02-09-17 Tornadoes Hit Illinois 50 Years ago, Belvidere and Oak Lawn

Column Commenray Podcast by Ray Hanania

1967 was a tragic year in Illinois

Published in the SW Newspaper Group Feb. 9, 2017 

By Ray Hanania

This year is the Golden Anniversary of one of the most tragic years in the lives of many Baby Boomers who still remember that far back to 1967.

It was kind of a wake-up call for many of us as we climbed out of mental nuclear bomb shelters made of wooden elementary school desks and realized that Sputnik was just a steel ball with antennas.

1967 started out with many momentous anniversaries, like the one that just passed January 26-27, when 23 inches of snow slammed Chicagoland and buried us forever in memories. A second major snow storm hit Chicago 12 years later in 1979, changing Chicago politics forever, although I am surprised that today, many young people don’t know of Jane Byrne, an icon of women’s achievement as Chicago’s first woman mayor.

The blizzard blurred, at least for Chicagoans, the other big news of Jan. 27 that shook the country. During a pre-launch test of Apollo 1 at Cape Kennedy (Cape Canaveral) in Florida, the interior command module of NASA’s Apollo spacecraft exploded in fire killing astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. Grissom was the first of the Mercury Seven astronauts to die. ...

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02-23-17 Vanessa Redgrave’s righteous courage at the 1978 Oscars

02-23-17 Vanessa Redgrave's righteous courage at the 1978 Oscars

Actress Vanessa Redgrave is a righteous and true champion of justice, a quality she courageously demonstrated during the 1978 Academy Awards presentations of the Oscars. Redgrave won an Oscar for her performance in the Hollywood film Julia, about a woman who raised mone to help fight the Nazis and save Jews from the Holocaust.

But, she also produced a documentary showing the righteous struggle of the Palestinian people against the violence and atrocities of the State of Israel. As a result, members of the terrorist organization the Jewish Defense League protested against her during the Oscars. And when she got up to accept her Oscar, she responded to the racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim terrorist haters promising to continue her fight to help the oppressed.

Racist and bigoted Hollywood producer Sidney Paddy Chayefsky, who produced the racist anti-Arab hate film Network, later got up and denounced Redgrave declaring ridiculously that the Oscars was no place for political speeches and that she should just shut up.

Redgrave was punished for standing up for justice but she never caved. As the mainstream American news media, which is the promoter of anti-Arab hate and anti-Muslim bigotry, reflected on the 88th Academy Awards this week, they remembered many of themost notable moments of the past but did not mention Redgrave's courageous stand for justice against the pro-Israel bullies.

This podcast is the audio version of my column that was published in the Arab News on feb. 23, 2017.

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02-23-17 Podcast Close from Ray Hanania

02-23-17 Podcast Close from Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania describes his podcasts and websites where you can read all his column including at the, the and on his personal website

And Hanania explains some thoughts on why he launched to document and confront bias and racism in the mainstream American news media:

Thanks for listening to my podcasts. I really appreciate it.

I’m not a journalist or a reporter but I do write Opinion Column Commentaries, like the one you just heard. I write about American politics and issues for a group of newspapers in Chicago, the Southwest Newspaper Group.

I also write about Middle East politics and issues for the Arab News in Saudi Arabia at, and for the American Arab online news and opinion website,

I archive all my columns on my personal website at where you can also find info on my books, my biography, and contact me. I love to hear what you think, even if we don’t agree. I hope you will share your opinions.

Recently, I also launched a new website called which documents instances of bias and bigotry by the mainstream American News Media. I believe today’s American mainstream news media is corrupt. Over the years, it has been the driving force fueling the racism and hatred against minorities, including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Arabs and especially Palestinians. Oh sure, some reporters do a great job but the system is corrupt and broken. The news media is the biggest political organization in America, and it excludes and attacks those who challenge their political biases and sacred cows.

Instead of being objective and fair reporters, many hide behind the concept of a free press and press freedoms to twist news to reflect their partisan and subjective views and opinions and favorites. They give you opinion under the fake guise of being objective, when they are not.

If they like you, they are fair. If they don’t like you, you have no chance. Biased reporters can be vicious and they are the biggest hypocrites. If you criticize them, they whine, cry foul and respond with even more venom and bias.

I want to change that.

America needs an objective and fair news media that reports the facts, not opinions. And when they do express opinions, they must claim them openly and honestly and be accountable for those views. That’s what I do.

I hope you check it out and support my efforts online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you again for your time and your support.



02-09-17 Moderate Arab nations must lead in Trump era

02-09-17 Moderate Arab nations must lead in Trump era

Columnist Ray Hanania discusses the importance of moderate Arab countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates forging a new leadership to work with President Donald Trump during the next four years to ensure that the moderate interests of the Arab people are protected and advanced.

Trump has shown he wants to be a centrist on Middle East issues, despite a strong friendship with Israel. But that friendship with Israel does not mean that Trump has to support Israel's far rightwing agenda. He has already expressed concerns with some critical Israeli policies.

This is the column commentary podcast of Ray Hanania's column which appeared in the Arab News in Saudi Arabia on Thursday Feb. 9, 2017.

Moderate Arab nations must lead in the new Trump era 

For the Arab News Feb. 9, 2017, Updated for Audio Podcast

By Ray Hanania

Assertions that Donald Trump is unfair to the needs of the Arab World are misleading and contradict facts, much like the claim that the newly elected American president Donald Trump “hates” Muslims.

Trump’s efforts to crack down on Islamic extremists who have openly vowed to kill Americans has been widely misinterpreted and wrongly denounced as a “Muslim ban.” It is clearly also not true that Trump has abandoned core issues of justice in the Arab World.

So far, when you look more closely, Trump’s actions are those of a President who is clearly seeking to embrace a more “centrist” approach to Middle East challenges.

Although Trump is scheduled to meet next week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Iran and the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Trump has already started to build a strong base of understanding with moderate Arab World leaders.

Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with a Middle East leader was with Jordan’s King Abdullah II. The Jordanian Monarch had also met with Vice President Mike Pence in Washington D.C.

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